ADT Construction Limited, London, Ontario

At ADT Construction we specialize in new construction, renovation, and expansion projects. We serve our clients in London and the surrounding area.

ADT is a small company of general contractors with six full time employees. We provide quality service for our clients from the initial meeting to project completion. We feel that our size allows for a more personal service and simplifies the decision process between contractor and owner. Additional employees are hired as needed and sub-contractors streamline the progress of your project.

ADT works with commercial and retail customers as well as larger residential projects. Our estimator will provide you with a quote on your project from plans provided by the owner or architect. ADT can also provide a full design-build service to meet your needs. 

ADT has developed excellent relationships with suppliers and sub-contractors for more than 10 years. We recognize that a relationship of trust is essential with our clients and business collegues. ADT stands behind the completed work and will ensure that the client is satisfied with their results. Should issues arise after construction is complete, we address them quickly and effectively. ADT guarantees their work for one year, and yet have effected repairs as needed beyond that time frame. ADT will manage your project in an organized, sequentially smooth and professional manner. Customer satisfaction, respect and safety is our priority.

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