Exterior Renovation

Whether you require a simple store front change or a completely new design and look to your building we can provide the full range of services. We will gladly meet with you to determine your objectives and provide a preliminary budget for the work to be completed.

Project: Exterior Renovation

Location: 73 York Street
London, Ontario

This original 1960's block facade was converted
to meet the Owner's need to "freshen up" this
plain structure. With the new aluminum store
front and stucco system completed, the change
was dramatic.

Project: Complete Renovation

Location: Yorkville Interiors
300 Rideout Street
London, Ontario

This late 1890's structure has seen numerous
tenants. The Owner's plan was to maintain it's
original look but revitalize it's 110 year old facade.
The interior structural wood framing and masonry
walls where lightly sandblasted to bring back their
original look. The maple flooring was repaired
and refinished to it's original condition. All
electrical and mechanical systems and equipment
where upgraded to meet present day standards.

Project: Exterior Renovation

71 York Street
London, Ontario

This 1930's block and brick warehouse
was refurbished to suite the tenants
requirements. Simple but effective.

Project: Exterior Renovation

Location: Print 3
85 York Street
London, Ontario

The facade of this 1950's building was
cleaned and refinished to "brighten up" it's
appearance. Along with the exterior coating
applied to the masonry walls, new aluminum
frames and insulated glazing units finished off
the changes.